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  • Moustache

    Moustache is an intersecting logic-less template language.

    It’s really small. You can invoke it from the command line. You have the main ruby implementation, but also in Javascript, in Erlang, Go, even in node.js, and of course in python , it’s called pystache (c:

    There is even a Textmate bundle

    (via Ryan Tomayko

  • Redmine

    Redmine is a project management web application, like Trac, built using RoR.

  • Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery

    Cool jQuery plug that loads image only when they are in the viewport (visible to the user). Nifty for pages with lots of heavy images.

  • Redis tutorial

    Un long et excellent tutorial pour Redis, par Simon Willison.

  • Network Naming Schemes

    Various naming schemes for your servers. Character names, planet names, countries, hormones, sets by machine type (db, firewall, server, email server, …), etc. You name it, you got it!

  • Google Sets

    Je n’avais jamais entendu parler de ça … mais ce petit ‘Google Lab’ permet de créer des ensembles de noms. Entrez quelques noms de couleurs, clicker sur le bouton et hop vous aurez des dizaines de noms de couleurs.

    Ca marche dans plusieurs langues (j’ai essayé l’anglais et le français) et cela reconnait des choses vraiment étonnantes. Mettez 4 ou 5 titres de chansons de votre groupe préféfé et Google vous en donnera beaucoup plus.

    Si vous ne savez plus comment nommer les machines sur votre réseau, ne cherchez plus …

  • tempalias - Temporary Email Aliases

    Encore un autre site d’alias email temporaire pour s’enregistrer sur ces sites dont on sait à l’avance qu’on va recevoir du spam.

    L’intéressant est qu’il a été écrit avec node.js et redis. Le dévelopeur a meme largement commenté son expérience sur son site.

    (via Simon Willison)

  • Justify My Love

    What about the right timing ! I was just looking into text justification for the next release of And the current css/html way of doing it was less than optimal and satisfactory.

    But with this javascript library, it’s stunningly beautiful and dead simple to integrate into your existing code.

  • The MessagePack Project

    A binary object serialization and library that claims to be fast & efficient. They have many implementations: Perl, Ruby, Lua, C/C++, Java, even Haskell, and of course Python.

  • Akihabara

    Akihabara: a fledgling Javascript framework to do some 2D games via the HTML5 canvas element.

    Awesome !

    The repository is on Github.

  • HTML5 presentation

    Superbe présentation (interactive) de HTML5 faite … en HTML5 (c:

  • Mac OS X SSD tweaks

    Quelques astuces pour ‘tuner’ votre OS X afin de préserver au maximum les SSD.

  • PyTPMOTW: py-amqplib

    In the same vein as Doug Hellmann’s PyMOTW, Brian Jones now offers us the PyTPMOTW. This series looks promising and starts off with py-amqlib, a lib used to interact with a queue broker implementing the Advanced Message Queueing Protocol (AMQP), such as RabbitMQ or OpenAMQ.

  • Five rational arguments against Apple's 3.3.1 policy

    And contrast the last link with this post from DHH where, albeit being pro Apple, he isn’t very keen on the whole 3.3.1 mess.

    Personally, I’m on David’s side. I can understand Apple point of view, but this whole stuff is just bad karma.

  • Its all about the framework…

    Very thoughtful article about the whole mess about the iPhone OS, the Developer Program License Agreement change in section 3.3.1 that bans a lot of developement model (Flash to iPhone OS, MonoTouch, Appcelerator, …).

  • Introduction to Surlex

    Surlex is a replacement for common pattern in URL parsing for Django. Make the common case dead simple.

    (via Simon Willison)

  • Running Django with Nginx and uWSGI

    Speaking of uWSGI … a nice article on how to setup uWSGI with nginx to run Django.

  • uWSGI

    uWSGI is a WSGI server for python. Runs apparently perfectly with nginx support.

    It seems to be the new hot server in WSGI-land … See those articles on various python web servers benchmarks: (very complete) and the more recent (more focused).

    Update: just to be perfectly clear, nginx is not the only web server supported. apache2, cherokee and lighttpd modules are also provided.

  • major new release of virtualenvwrapper

    Virtualenvwrapper is now at the 2.0 age. The biggest new shiny tool in that toolbox is the ability to have a plugin system.

    If you’re a python developer and you don’t use virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper, there is something rotten in your kingdom, my friend !

    The script name has changed. Be sure to read the upgrade instruction.

  • quake2-gwt-port

    L’ovni du jour ! Des fous (y’a pas d’autres mots) ont portés Quake II dans un browser, tournant 100% sous HTML5. Utilisation particulièrement ingénieuse de WebGL, de GWT, de WebSockets, de HTML5 LocalStorage, etc.

    Et ça tourne jusqu’à 60 FPS !

    Allez voir la vidéo, c’est vraiment impressionnant.

    Un article en parle plus en détails.